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Our 2015/2016

1st Year Gaelic Football is the biggest number for several years.
So far, the panel includes the following students:

Liam McNevin, Jake Barton, Fatima Morenikeji, Anthony Finnegan, Aline Nkula, Giovanni Halaoui, Darah Nagle, Luke Lawlor
Megan Mangala, Craig Browne, Lee Dowman, Lee Elliot, James O’ Connor, Sean Johnson, Adam Naughton, Jamie Delaney
Cian Finnegan, Opey Owolahi, Brady Itshiari, Sean O’ Reilly, Yahye Ali Jama,Jordan Murdock, Scott Murphy
Brandon Fitzgerald and Jadesola Adama.

Up to Christmas, training took place on Thursdays, immediately after school 4.10 to 4.50 (sometimes a bit later). We had six games, versus Killinarden C.S (twice), St. Aidans C.S; Greenhills College; Deansrath C.C; and St. Kevins C.C, Clondalkin.
Anthony Finnegan, Opey Owdahi, Liam McNevin, Darragh Nagle, Giovanni Halaoui and Megan Mangala were our stand out players.
Others who impressed with their efforts were: Craig Browne, Sean O’ Reilly, Brady Itshiari, Aline Nkula, Jake Barton, Fatima Morenikeji, Lee Elliot, Sean Johnson, Adam Naughton, Cian Finnegan, Jordan Murdock and Luke Lawlor.
The games played included a competition for 1st years, an U-14 Competition and a ‘friendly’ game. Now, we look forward to our 1st Year Gaelic Football tournament with Killinarden C.S, which will take place in a few months’ time.
The Gaelic Football mentors are: Mr. D. Cormican, Ms. A. Maher, Mr. D. Conroy and Mr. C. Ferguson.

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