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                     Weather Station                  

The students and teachers of Mount Seskin Community College are participating in Weather Stations. This is an international project exploring climate change. This project places literature and storytelling at the heart of discussions about climate change.

Five partners in Berlin, Dublin, London, Melbourne and Warsaw have each appointed a Writer in Residence to work together to explore how literature can inspire new ways of living in the context of the most fundamental challenge facing humanity today - our changing climate.

Mount Seskin is a 'Substation' of this project. Students, teachers and visiting writers will work together to discover how we might together develop responsible young citizens, equipped with the knowledge, motivation and tools to fight for a more sustainable future.
Through the website they will be sharing their work, the discoveries, delights and frustrations they encounter over the course of the project. Each writer will visit each Weather Station to experience each partner's unique perspective on climate change.
Check out the website for the project,

What's happening in our school?
Dr. David Smyth of NUI Maynooth visits the school and makes a presentation to the Staff about the effects of global warming on the planet.
Ms. Buttimer prepares students with an introductory presentation on the impact of industrialisation on the planet.
Irish author Oisin McGann visited our school and gave a creative writing workshop to a selected group of students in the school library. Oisin explained how his technique for developing stories.
Fifty students visited Trinity College, Dublin where they participated in a creative writing workshop with Australian author, Tony Birch.
The English Department followed up this work in the classroom and students completed pieces of work reflecting their experiences of the weather.
Students also visited the Science Gallery where an exhibition called Strange Weather explored the various issues facing humanity as the climate changes.
Students create Podcasts:
A group of students were invited to Rua Red to record their written work. These pieces will be broadcast on November 21st as part of an Australian project called 'Going Nowhere', sharing experiences without getting on a plane.
Cli Fi Panel Discussion:
Students visited the Civic Theatre where a panel discussion took place about the future challenges facing humanity. This was part of the Red Line Festival.

Official Launch Week of Weather Stations in the school. Various activities will take place throughout the week November17th-21st. Teachers are planning various projects across the school curriculum.
Want to know more?
Explore the site to learn more about the five partners and their chosen writers and the schools involved in this project.

Check out the website for the project,

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