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Spanish Students Visit Mount Seskin

Spanish Students Visit Mount Seskin

Mount Seskin College Students further Cultural Links with Valencian School

Jennifer Sinclair

Mount Seskin Community College were delighted to welcome back students from EFA La Malvasia School in Valencia, Spain.

Mount Seskin’s Spanish teacher, José Luis Penón, organised this returning visit. He formed this cultural link by starting an eTwinning project last year with the Institut Escola Joan Ardevol in Cambrils, Spain. Since then, Leargas has awarded Mount Seskin Community College a National Quality Label for this eTwinning project as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

Mount Seskin’s principal, Charlie Ferguson, acknowledged the thriving Language Department in the College.

“This year we are lucky to have two language assistants, Fynn Schultz and Marisa Martin from Germany and Spain respectively. Our German Department is also ably assisted by Áine Burns, a PME from U.C.D.

We are delighted to have been awarded the National Quality Plaque for this Spanish initiative. We are in the process of applying for a Full Erasmus+ Accreditation.”

While some schools are struggling to fill their language posts, Mount Seskin Community College provides German, Spanish, French and Russian classes to our students.”

The visitors from Valencia got the opportunity to participate in many subjects from the Irish curriculum like Home Economics, Woodwork, Visual Art, Music and P.E.

José Penón said: “Both our students and the Spanish students got so much out of this cultural experience. New friendships have been formed. The students from EFA La Malvasia School said last year’s visit was the highlight of their trip and really wanted to return this year.”

We are looking forward to continuing our cultural links with Spain.

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